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 Leathertramp: Urban Dictionary- 

       camping, hiking, hitchhiking, offgrid living, living green.


     The term "Leather Tramp" was made popular in the New York times best selling book about Christopher McCandless titled "Into The Wild" by Jon Krackauer, and the subsequent movie of the same title directed by Sean Penn and starring Emile Hirsh and Kristen Stewart, as well as the award winning "Into The Wild" soundtrack recorded by Eddie Vedder.

      The book is considered to be a modern day "Catcher in the rye" and is taught in high schools through out the United States.


  Society- Written by, Jerry Hannon and recorded by Eddie Vedder.

 Written as companion and chronicle for the real life main character of Penn's film, Christopher McCandless, "Society" gives us eyes into the soul of a man who, whether we admit it or not, lives in all of us. Who hasn't, at one time in their life or another, dreamt of shedding their skin and following their inner most calling to disappear? No two weeks notice, no going away party, no parting shot to friends and family...just "poof" and you're gone! I know I have and if asked to bet, I'd bet you have to. Jerry Hannan has seemingly made the same bet and "Society" is proof of his victory.


 Interview with Jerry Hannon.